“What is Poverty?” is written by a well- known writer Jo Goodwin Parker. I found Parker’s writing very touchy. It explains the sentiment which kills a man every day gradually. I want to focus on paragraph nine which seems most touchy part of this reading to me. According to the writer, poverty is one kind of invisible cord that grab people all the time. When people try to walk two steps forward poverty will pull them three steps backward. Moreover, whatever they do they will remain in the same position; theycannot change their situation. In this paragraph she talked about a significant effect of poverty. Poverty becomes acute when people don’t have a job; they overlook embarrassment and beg help to someone else; hide the truth for getting job. She also explains that poverty is stereotype. Some people inherited poverty by born; brings a black future them as well as their children. At times, they have to overlook their wishes and sometimes they have to sacrifice their beloved even they loved them most. I have seen this problem in my society. It reflects the stereotype practice of lower section of our society. In developing countries like Bangladesh about seventy five percent people live under the poverty line. Due to poverty people often married off their daughters before they reach at the age of marriage. Initially everything seems fine, but condition becomes severe when they give birth to their children. They cannot give their children nutritious food, required cloth, proper medical care and well education. On the other hand, society discriminate them in many ways.In school they are discriminated by teachers and classmates; often rich parents don’t want their child make friendship with poor children. They are also discriminated in job sectors; people prefer those who came from wealthy family. Not only lower class people suffer from this problem, but also middle class people suffer from it. Therefore, poverty become a curse for people and stays in every steps of their life. This curse passes to their children and then theirs children. In this way it goes on. Finally, i could say poverty diminishes all hopes of people. when there is a little light of hope and people walk close to that light theycan understand it was not true. Indeed it was a figment of their imagination.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Poverty

  1. aditi27 says:

    Dear Iratahmid,
    I liked the way you adhered to one particular paragraph and centered around it. However, i’m skeptical with the idea that poverty is by birth or that it what they inherited from their parents. Although in some cases it seems to be true, its not just the case. The growing market price of essential commodities, high unemployment rate and alarming population rate must be considered as the enhancing factor to take people deep down to poverty. Your real life examples about the rich and poor children facing problem in making friendship is i think the growing problem in today’s materialized world.

    Dear friend, you sound quite pessimist. Let us always remember that there is light behind the darkness. The Sun always comes to diminish the darkness. So, its we who have to make the difference and steal the light of the Sun to enlighten the darker part of the world.

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