My response to “Year’s End”

While reading “Year’s End” by Jhumpa Lahiri, I reminisced about my cousin. My cousin’s and Kaushik’s family has some similarities. Like Kaushik, my cousin also lost her mother when she was in grade 9. She was the only daughter of my uncle and aunt. After my aunt’s death, my cousin became so depressed that she didn’t used to talk to others and wanted to stay alone. My uncle used to work in office. He was also sad about his wife’s death. They both missed her a lot. After one year of my aunt’s death, my uncle married other women. At first, he disagreed to remarry but after seeing my cousin’s situation he agreed. Everyone thought that she needed a mother, and my uncle was also alone. After their marriage, she became more frustrated. She couldn’t study and eat properly. My new aunt was a kind person and she tried to convince her and make her happy. On the other hand, she was so indignant with her that she didn’t listen to her and her father. Now, she stays with her grandmother, her mother’s mother, in India. 

I really enjoyed reading this story. I felt sorry for Kaushik that he lost his mother and couldnot see other women as his mother in his house. I can undersatnd his feelings as I also lost my father when I was twelve. However, the sort of problems he faced in his life, I did’t have to face. My mother, I and my brother struggled hard for some years in his absence, but it was not as hard as it was for Kaushik’s family. In the story, Kaushik’s father removed all his wife’s memories from his life, but my mother saved all the memories of my father. We often talked about him and about the dreams he had for us. She wanted us to remember those times that we spent together we eachother. As my brother was small at that time, he hardly have any memories about our father as I do. he only knows those things that we had told him and talked about. If my mother had also removed all the memories of our father like Kaushik’s father, then he wouldnot have known anything about our father. I wonder why Kaushik’s father removed all his wife’s memories if he loved her. Today, because my mother saved all  my father memories, we still feel his presence of him in our life.

Digya Shrestha


2 Responses to My response to “Year’s End”

  1. ztandee says:

    Well first of all sorry about your father Digya. I know how you and Kaushik feel because i lost my father as well. It can be the worst day of your life, but to be honest i have never seen my father before. He died when i was still in my mother’s womb but i can still feel the absence. It is hard sometimes but we have to move on right? And about the removing memories, i think it depends on how people deal with it. Some wants to live on with the memories of the dead and some wants to remove everything that belongs to the dead one. My mother too removed everything that belongs to my dad. His picture is never found beside her bed or in the living room shelf. I never knew why but whenever i asked her, she would never respond to me. I would ask my brother about it and his retort would be, “Because mom doesn’t want to.” Maybe some people handles better if they remove everything of the dead. It might be helping them to move on easily. My mother never talks about my dad, even when i ask her about him. It is weird that i never got to know my dad. My brother did spend few years with my dad but he never talks about it either. He says talking makes it worse, i do not know how but i never pressured him to talk about dad. Maybe they did not wanted to get reminded of him. Maybe they loved him too much to let go and forget, so they removed everything that belonged to him. I am happy that your family are strong and have moved on. Make your mother and father proud.

  2. Ms. Fatema says:

    I agree with everything Tandeen said about losing someone and not wanting to be reminded of them constantly. Sometimes, it’s easier to move on if you ignore what’s happened and just try to live your life. Even then, as you saw in “Year’s End”, such a thing is very difficult to do. It’s not until Kaushik’s father marries Chitra that he manages to move on. And can you say that Kaushik moved on at all? He buried his mother’s photographs, but her death stayed with him until he died, too.

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