My Response to “Year’s End”

Story or novel is the mirror of people’s life. Whatever happens in their life is reflected in the story or novel. Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Year’s End” is like that. When our dear one has to accept an unexpected death by cancer, we cannot take it easily. Every day, he or she has to move forward to death and the worst thing is that we cannot do anything except tolerate. In the “Year’s End”, Kaushik’s mother became a victim of breast cancer and at last she died. After his mother death Koushik became very depressed and could not stop himself thinking and missing his mother. Like Kaushik’s mother in “Year’s End”, my grandmother also became a victim of cancer. Doctor said that she would survive maximum one year, and before one year was completed she died.

At first I could not believe that she died! For first three or four month, I felt that she was alive and might be gone to my uncle’s house for visiting. Then gradually I started to believe it when I was scolded by my mom, no one came to prevent me. There was no one to hold me with her arms when I had a nightmare. When my hair became ruff because of not giving oil for weeks, no one came to message oil on my hair. All the things are same in our bedroom (me and my grandmother used to share room), but only she was not there. I feel like there is nothing in our room, the room was full of blankness.

Sometimes we have different feelings for our dear ones who are not alive. In “Year’s End”, Kaushik did not want to see his mother’s picture after she died, but I was different from him. I always looked to our memorable photographs (me and my grandmother) whenever I got time. It gave me feelings that she had not gone for good, she was beside me. She became very happy for my success, and became very sad if I was hurt a little…


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