My response to Kaushik’s actions.

I feel like I know what Kaushik is going through. He was indifferent to a lot of things and I want to say that these kinds of character and behavior are not cold. It is just what a person feels when they lose someone who is really close to them or means a lot to them. They feel like shutting everything out because they can’t let go. They can’t let go of the feelings, the pain, the anger, the remorse, and the most important part, constant thought about that dead person. They can’t let go of that easily so they hold on to them and pretends like nothing happened.  They do not want to express but they do feel their absence and it kills them from deep within. Moments of his mother is permanently imprinted upon his mind. Every little thing reminds him of his mother. For example, the pool, whenever he sees the swimming pool, he get reminded of how much his mother loved to swim. The Christmas box at the basement reminds him of his mother as well but Chitra reminds him of his mother the most. He denies Chitra’s existence because he thinks she is taking over his mother’s responsibility. It may not be the best thing he is doing after losing some one but it is the only thing he can do. Watching your loved one die is horrific and traumatic thing to deal with. Many people have different methods to overcome those feelings and if Kaushik feels being indifferent to the things around him will make him feel better then it is his will to do it. Of course many people might have gone through the same thing, losing someone, but every one does not have the same strategy to handle the loss. In the short story “Going Ashore” by Jhumpa Lahiri, the narrator describes a certain situation where Kaushik was seen taking photograph instead of helping the victims from the accident. This might seem insensitive to few but I think he is just doing his job. Or maybe he wanted to capture the expression of pain. The pain that he had felt and known.



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