Living with Poverty

An essay, “What Is Poverty?” by Jo Goodwin Parker coerced me to reminisce those days in my home country when I along with my four family members had to struggle hard to adjust with the resources we had. I equate the speakers’ condition in one way or other with mine. Although the degree of poverty varies, I had similar experience in the past. No doubt, my parents send me and my two siblings to the best school in the town. Still we encountered economic crisis time and again when the political instability in my country resulted to impair my father’s profession. Since he was the only earning member in my family, the romance between my parents sometimes met the destiny of dissatisfaction and tension.

Although other students in my school had the illusion that I was a daughter of wealthy family, I often went on through hard times giving up my wishes and demands simply because my father’s earning couldn’t support those expenses. Even today it hurts me when I remember the situation in grade 10. I had to retain myself from attending a national level speech competition although I had stood first in regional level competition. They couldn’t afford to send me out of my home town because it was the worst year for us in terms of income. I can somehow relate the speaker of the essay with my mother who too has numerous health problems. Unlike speaker’s husband, my father earns well enough that can easily sustain us, but the problem is with my mother’s health. Till date, she has had three major operations claiming high medical expenses inside the country and abroad. I can call this another blow of fate that she will have to suffer one more major operation.

I often wonder why people having enough money hardly encounter problems like the one who is struggling to manage the living has to. However, I don’t feel that bad because where I am today, counts a lot to me. It’s because of poverty that I am a part of AUW. I’m always grateful for my parents who despite their scarcity dared to send me to the best school and best college that made me able to be a student in an international university. My parents have always been my inspiration and role model who always advice me to have patience and accept what time gives, but  never give up the spirit  to move ahead.

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