A New End for the “Year’s End”

That night when we returned, we couldn’t see your car. Suddenly my body froze. I was blinded. I knew something has happened. I had always had a hunch that something will happen. I could feel it whenever you were looking at me comparing me with Parul. I knew you didn’t like to see me be walking in the home, that someday your mother had been. But at least I was a human and deserved to be respected. However, I could understand how hard it was to spend days with the woman and girls whom you had never seen before, yet they were supposed to be your family.

Chaudhuri rushed to the house and called for you and the girls. I dragged myself inside. No one answered. He ran to the girls’ room and opened the door hastily. “They have slept.” He whispered back. This news released the pain striking my heart. “But…Kaushik?” I asked, shocked. “He has left home.” he said. “Finally, he did!” Taking a deep breath, and holding his head, he sat on the sofa. We both had realized that you are not happy at home, but we had this right to choose our way and had given this right to you as well. I went to girls’ room. The moment I opened the door, I saw them pulling the quilt over their faces. The bad feeling returned to my heart. “Why did you come so late?” said Piu running to me crying. “I don’t like you to leave us.” Piu told me the whole story, the story that didn’t surprise me _ that I was waiting for.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was cursing myself one second and consoling the other second. I don’t know how I passed that night, but I remember the next day when Chaudhuri went out I called girls and talked to them. I reminded them the life before my marriage with your father. I reminded them how hard it was when they had no one to say “Daddy” to him. I told them that now you feel the same, so they must try to understand you.I wanted them not to talk to anybody about the words that you had told them. That moment, I wasn’t sure that they can understand me but now I believe they had _ in the best way.

Zahra Saifey


One Response to A New End for the “Year’s End”

  1. fmoriam says:

    At first when I read your I couldn’t make any sense, but as I read further, I got to understand that you have written on the point of view of Kaushik’s stepmother. It was quite interesting to me because I was wondering before how do Kaushik’s father and her stepmother reacted when he left. According to your response, Kaushik’s father knew that Kaushik will leave the home now or then, but I never thought like that. That’s because I felt that Kaushik was getting along nicely with her stepsisters and stepmother. Moreover, you wrote that Piu told her mother everything about that night. Then it means that Chitra didn’t let Kaushik’s father to know anything of that night, anything about Kaushik’s rough behavior because we know that Kaushik’s father didn’t mention anything while talking with him over phone. She kept it a secret so that Kaushik’s father doesn’t become angry with Kaushik. Overall, your response gave me some new ideas about “Year’s End” and I liked the way you gave expressions there!!!

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