Has the Sheep Eaten the Flower or Not?

 “The Little Prince” is a fictitious novella written by Saint Expiry which is about a boy belonging to some other part of the universe.  It is a narrative story where the narrator is the pilot. One day, the pilot’s plane crashes to the Sahara desert. The survival in the middle of the desert, where the settlement of humans is extremely far away, was a great challenge to him. In such a dry place where there was no sign of human settlement appeared a boy, “The little prince”. Though their first encounter was absolutely unexpected, they slowly established a bond with each other. The pilot became more curious about the boy as he learnt that he belonged to another planet, whereas the little prince got a companion in such a lonely land. Their companionship was for a short period of time but still there existed some intimacy between them. It is well known that nothing lasts forever.

As time elapsed, the day came when the little prince decided to return to his planet via a snake bite for he was missing his rose a lot. The pilot didn’t want him to go but he could not help him. The little prince made his death a mystery for he didn’t want the pilot to drown himself in a agony. The little prince then left some hope to the pilot that he was alive somewhere telling him to guess whether the sheep had eaten the flower or not.

The little prince’s love was the rose which grew in his planet. As he was returning to his planet, it was unsure where he would land to. The little prince said the pilot to look up at the stars and then imagine whether he was alive or not. The little prince was happy in his planet if the flower is imagined alive blooming gloriously, but there would be no sign of the little prince if the rose was imagined to have been eaten by the sheep. Therefore, the existence of the little prince depended on the pilot’s own thought.  

This interesting story enables us to elaborate our thinking skills as we can decide the state of the prince after he disappeared from the hill. 

What do you imagine of?

2 Responses to Has the Sheep Eaten the Flower or Not?

  1. Tasnia says:

    Yes Rasani. I think you are right. When i read “The Little Prince” i also think that every one has his own world and one’s dear one may be very ordinary, but he is very special to the one.

  2. Dear Rasani, I greatly appreciate your thoughts. You talked about reality that everyone feels once in their life. In our life we meet many people, we make them friends and they become a part of our life. Whenever they are with us, we never feel the meaning of their existence in our life. Later when it comes to live in the outside world, then we come to know their importance in our life. In new place, we might meet new people, for several days we may feel like we can adjust but somewhere we always find that emptiness of those friends with whom we had cherished every moment.
    No matter how beautiful is the outer world, unless we get a person like our old friends, we would feel hard to adjust. We got nothing to do with the place, it is people who matters.

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