When going through the essay “What is Poverty”, various horrible scenes of poverty came into my mind. The essay sketched in my mind the figures of little, dirty and naked children scavenging for food among the piles of rubbish. It portrayed in my mind lame and hungry people begging for food.  I must add here that we go out of university nearly daily and travel around by rickshaw. My heart feels sorry for the impoverished and the vulnerable rickshaw pullers who drive us a far distance only for 15 or 20taka. I had been thinking the rickshaws belong to them, but it was appalling for me to know they are not owned by the rickshaw pullers mostly. The money they earn is divided between the rickshaw owner and the rickshaw puller. What can they make out of such a little amount? Moreover, I particularly reminisced about the underprivileged people I found at the train station in Dhaka on our first arrival from our homeland country. The affluent people there were arrogantly stepping ahead towards their destination but what about the poor? No any destination, no any aim. How can they imagine of a destination when they don’t even have the starting point – food, shelter and clothing. They stay up under the open sky wavering with cold while the rest of the world sleeps on velvety cushions. They remain hungry over nights while the wealthy people in their milieu enjoy parties. The prosperous people sleep peacefully on the soft beds while the poor stay up the whole night fearing the next day, fearing life. So many things to be worried about, so many things that strangle the sleep of the destitute, so many things that pull down their love for life but alas! No to one is there to understand their pains. Frazzled poor hardly find any source of income, hence their children remain illiterate. This illiteracy appears as the inheritance of the upcoming generation and continues as a legacy. Thinking of all these bitter facts I often ask myself if only the deprived are responsible for their awful condition. I think, some responsibility lies on our shoulders as well. No doubt, our respect and support for the indigent group of the society and care for their emotions can boost them not to mourn upon the situation they are living in, rather to strive to improve the condition. Can’t the poor be brought out of the paucity of life facilities if every well-off member of our society contributes towards the betterment of poor? Please think over this issue. A heartfelt realization of the case may pave a way towards a social reform in favor of the depressed group of our society

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  1. Ms. Fatema says:

    I don’t recognize who the author of this response is. Can you e-mail me or respond with your name please?

    Thank you.

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