When I started reading “Little Prince” I thought that it’ll be a funny story. However, when I finished it, I felt sad for the narrator pilot and for little prince. I think I could feel the pain of the narrator when  the little prince left him. I also understand that there was no way for little prince to stay in earth with his friends. This story reminds me one of my saddest memories. When I was in 2nd grade, one day a new girl got admitted in my class. She sat beside me and we were friend from the first day. After some days we were so close that we couldn’t pass a single moment without each other. We read, played, sang, and roamed together. I really loved her as she was so polite, understanding and patient. I used to go her home every day and share my sorrows and happiness with her. Like little prince she didn’t express herself much. As I was immature, I couldn’t understand that she also had deep pain in her heart. I didn’t know that her father would not live anymore and without him she, her siblings and her mother had no support to maintain their family. Also I didn’t know that her mother would live in her father’s home, she would go  her uncle’s home and her other two sisters would live in aunts house in separate places. When her father died, she told me that she and family were leaving. I couldn’t believe myself! I started crying and asked her how I could contact with her. Then she told that she didn’t’ know where she would be because everything was uncertain in their life after her father’s death. Then she left her friends, school, and me. After that I try to remember the greatest moments we passed, but I remember everything and can’t help myself but crying. I don’t know where is she, how is she, and how does she look like. The pilot also doesn’t know about the little prince. Actually, we have nothing to do, but wait, if one day our beloved person will come again. I am also waiting if my best friend come back…….


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