Response to “year’s End”

The short story “Year’s End” by Jhumpa Lahiri reminded me of my father. My father also faced sort of the same things that happened in Kaushik’s life. When he was in the age of Kaushik, he also left his parents and went to India. He stayed there for ten years and rarely contacted with his parents or other relatives. He was sort of a vagabond that time, but as he grew older, he started to realize the importance of parents in life. So, he decided to move back to his country along with his family consisting of wife and a daughter in 1984. In a stage of life, sometimes we feel like to be a vagabond, forgetting our parents. I believe, we change our mind to be that when we grow elder, when we realize that it is our parents who brought as in this world.

However, after 23 years, in 2007, my dad lost his mother who died for having several diseases. After 3 years of that, everyone realized that his father, I mean my grandfather needs someone to be looked after by because he was already old enough to depend on others. Then one of my uncles advised to get him married as he was living alone in his home. At that time, my father and his other siblings highly opposed this decision because they can’t see anyone else in their mother’s place. After that, one of my aunts (father’s sister) came forward and decided to live with him.

In contrast, I can see many differences between my family and Kaushik’s family too. In the story, Kaushik’s father removes all the memories of his wife after her death, but my grandfather has been preserving his wife’s each and every memory. He doesn’t even want to leave that house and move somewhere else because he feels her presence there, whereas in the story, Kaushik’s father moves to a different house with his second wife. It seems to me very weird that Kaushik’s mother, whom Kaushik and his father used to love very dearly, wanted to get rid of all of her memories after her death. May be her memories used to disturb them and make them realize that she was not with them anymore. On the contrary, it’s also true that when our near and dear ones leave us, it’s their memories that can take us closer to them and make us feel their presence. In the end, I have realized one thing that the feeling of loosing someone is not the same in everyone; it differs from person to person.

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