My response to “What is Family?”

According to the article “What is a Family?” written by Helen Bottel, family is a group of closed people living together and sharing both happiness and sorrows. she wrote that family members include a mother, a father and children. she wrote that parents threaten and ground their children when children develops bad habits. As per Helen, the relationship between the family members is very strong and compatible. she wrote that no matter how high the bill are piled or what type of  reprimand you get from your parents for your mischief, “love” is the essence of a family and it always plays a vital role in shaping ones life. While going through Helen’s essay, I especially like the definition where she had written “Family is when everybody laughs, cries and loves together. Once in a while they’re hard to live with, but you couldn’t live without them”. This particular definition made me to think about my own family.

Family members not only shares blood relationship but they also shares love, trust, and home. A house without family is not called as a home. Where there is a family, there is a home, and where there is a home, there is a love, trust and respect. A family member shares a strong bond and kinship such that they supports and loves each other unconditionally, and endlessly. Our life would be absurd without our family. It’s from our family that we develops a sense of belongingness and finds infinite reasons to live.

Sometimes it is hard to live with our family. Helen, in one of her definition said that a family is when you meet your first love and everyone “helps.” From this definition, we can infer that a family doesn’t endorse whatever we decide. They sometimes go against our strategy and deter us. However it doesn’t mean that they are being sadistic or indifferent family. Instead they are trying to avert us from dreadful life.

However the definition of a family differ form a person to person according to their own personal experience. For me, my family is my world. They are the people who cherish myself and make my life meaningful. They are the people who stands by my side when rest of the world walks out. My parents have always encouraged me to do whatever I like. They never put me down or told me I could not do it. I got ample love and care from my two brothers. They had never let me to feel lonely. I sometimes quarrel with them and provoke anger but it last only for few hours. After that again we treat each other as the dearest and nearest one. So that is my family.

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