My Response to “Once In a Lifetime”

While reading “Once in a Lifetime” by Jhumpa Lahiri, I reminisce many of my childhood incidents. Mostly it reminds me about some experiences I went through with my mother, as the way Hema went through with her mother. My mother always forced me to wear my cousin’s dresses as the way Hema’s mother forced her to wear Kaushik’s clothes. I was the youngest among all of my cousins, and that’s why I always had been offered their small clothes to wear. In spite of knowing that I do not like to wear those, my mother always forced me to wear them whenever I used to go outside. Therefore, this thing always had been a matter of argument between me and my mother. However, now I have grown up, and fortunately I do not have to wear my cousin’s dresses anymore. The other thing that reminds me about my childhood is the way Hema left her room for guests. When I was 13 years old, one of my aunties came to visit us from Sweden; therefore, I had been told by my parents to leave my room for my cousins. My room is always like a small world for me and I always like to spend most of my time in my room. Thus, the idea of changing my room ridiculed me. Nevertheless, I complied with my parents in order to show my obedience as the way Hema did. For me, the concept of changing room for a while was not any less than changing my house for a while. Those days were the most awkward days of my life, when I live in my own house like a stranger. Although I did not say anything, my mother understood my disturbance and never asked me to do that again. However, this thing doesn’t bother me much now. As i am living in AUW, i have to change my room every year; so i think that single change in my childhood  is really helping now me to get use to with all this. I am really thankful to my parents for making me capable of faceing and adapting any sudden change of life.


One Response to My Response to “Once In a Lifetime”

  1. auwsohana says:

    Dear Roksana, I also experienced this kind of problem!! I didn’t think that it was bad to wear cousins’ cloths. however, one day my another cousin made fun of me as I was wearing old dress of others. I asked my mom that I wore old cloth for our poverty. she said that never thought that, just because your aunt gave it you. what can I say about leaving own room? still now I’m asked to leave my room when I am like a guest in my house! thanks god. my mother also understands my problem.

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