My opinion to “The Little Prince”

In the end of the novel “The Little Prince” of Antoine De Saint-Exupery, the little prince felt remorse because he had decided to leave his planet to go to explore others. In the Earth, after encountering many roses which had the same appearances with his flower, he cried because he missed his flower and found that his flower had been a liar. Also, through the fox, he learnt real values of lives: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” On acknowledging that he owned an ordinary flower and three volcanoes, he was proud of his affluence because the flower and volcanoes belonged to him, only him. They “tamed” the others; indeed, the flower was the only one in the world to him and vice versa, he is the only one to it. Reading the paragraph, I was sad and upset. I could not share the little prince’s sorrow, but at least I could understand his feelings. I used to want to escape from my house, family, and beloved people because I wanted to become notable and affluent. I was ashamed of their poverty and conservativeness. However, I did not feel happy at all when I could realize my dreams. I could not adapt to the new environment; I usually reminisced about my home where my beloved people are living. In my memories, they were strict, selfish, and even miserly. They could not give me luxury gifts or exorbitant meals which I hoped. They scolded me, got indignant with me, which I was fed up with. However, it was not until I came here I realized their love. They did all those things because they loved me, cared for me, and thought about me. Now, I want to return to the past to hear their reprimand, beat, but I know that dream is only dream. The entire things I can do are to endeavor to study and live well so as not to disappoint them.

One Response to My opinion to “The Little Prince”

  1. roksanahasib says:

    I think you came up with a very good realization. It’s true that when we have something we never realize the value of that thing. It also happened with me. When i was at home i always wanted to run away whenever my parents scolded me. Sometimes i used to argue with them without realizing the fact that they were saying those things for my own benefit. However, now when i am away from home without my parents to scold me for my mischiefs, i can certainly realize that how much i miss their reprimands. I also realize that family and parent always want the best for us, wether they express it through love or anger.

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