Juast Imagine It Was You (What Is Poverty)

As I read “What is Poverty?” by Jo Goodwin Parker, I could exactly imagine the dirty room with lots of mosquitoes flying around and strong smell of urine on the ground. I am not from a rich family, but I have never been that much poor too. When I read the essay, I imagined myself in that condition, when most of the time you have no food to eat, you have to wear dirty, torn clothes, thinking about the dark future of your three children tortures you like a nightmare that never leaves, and worse than that, you have to step over your pride and ask for help from all those people who do not care whether you are a human like them or not. At the conference I attended few days ago about inequality in the world and how to fill the gap, guests were divided into three different classes: rich, middle class, and poor. I was selected as a member of the poor class. It was a symbolic practice of inequality. We were supposed to sit on the ground and have rice and Dall for lunch. The moment I found I was placed in the poor category, I felt ashamed. I came with ironed clothes and high hill shoes, with make up on my face and pride in my heart, but I had to sit down on the ground and eat the worst food served in the hall. In spite the fact that the lunch turned out to be the funniest part of the program and the Dall tasted good, I was reminded of something important; poor people are also human beings who like their honor and pride, the fact which is forgotten most of the time. To remove poverty, I don’t believe in communist practice of forced sharing. Human beings should be free to choose if they want to share something with others or not, or if they want to help those who need help or not. They just need to consider themselves in the place of needy people and ask themselves what they would expect from others to do, to glance indifferently, to look with sympathy, or to give a hand for help?

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